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Now in Stäfa: Trafficology -

the VKU in English

Join our trafficology course (Verkehrskundeunterricht) in English!

The course is mandatory for your Swiss driver‘s permit and has to be done between your theory exam and your test drive. Get the most out of it by attending this course in English and you can put what you have learned into practice already in your next driving lesson. 

#jpfahrschulech #JP #JPFahrschule  #HomepageJPFahrschule #AngebotJPFahrschule #Fahrschule #VKU #Verkehrskundeunterricht

Your behavior in road traffic is crucial. In the trafficology course you learn about safe, respectful and anticipatory driving.

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Trafficology course VKU 

Booklets VKU


  08 Std. 

220.00 CHF 

  30.00 CHF



BZZ Bildungszentrum Zürichsee

Kirchbühlstrasse 21 

8712 Stäfa

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